Because we are ELFs… ^^


Super Junior

Because we are ELF, while oppadeul happy and excited for what he has achieved them, we cry in silence, because we know their hard work is invisible to us, ELF ..

Because we are ELF, when people criticize or even insult our oppa, we can not reply to anything because we do not want them to think that the ELF was rough and it could make our oppa in trouble …

Because we are ELF, we have always shared the 13th oppa, and only 13 that would have us believe ….

Because we are ELF, a time when the world forgot ‘SUPER JUNIOR’​​, we will ignore the world and always with ‘SUPER JUNIOR’ ​​without remorse …

ELFs … every day filled with smiles, use your biggest smile to show your love for them, where there is me and you together 13 oppa is very loved in ‘SAPPHIRE WORLD’….

No matter whenever, we’re shouting it proudly … “ELF-Eul URI IE YE YO!”

ELFs … please love super junior and do not give up. Believe them, believe them and wait for their return with a full …

Super Junior

Saranghae yeongwonhi .. ❤

13 +2 = ONE LOVE



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